vibratory feeder bowls

in Manufacturing Automation


  • The quality of our vibratory feeders are second to none. 
  • Using durable 11 gage 304 and 316 stainless steel,  or aluminum
  • Coating -  when wear and tear on your part is an issue we coat the bowl using teflon or poly urethane.  To protect polished parts or glass parts from marring teflon coating is the way to go.  To dampen the noise from a heavy metal part and/or protect a fragile part we suggest poly urethane.  For a chrome appearance bowls are electro polished.  All other bowls are beautifully hand polished.
  • All drive units are powder coated to match any color scheme in your facility.
  • Single track, multi track, and adjustable bowls for feeding variations of parts.

spring detanglers


  • Springs have a problem winding themselves together.  Our spring detanglers will seperate the springs from one another.
  • Used with a feeder we can accomplish seperation of springs and your preferred orientation at exit of the bowl.

sound enclosures

  • Extruded aluminum sound enclosures are designed to keep noisy units quiet and help to keep dust and debree out of your feeding system.
  • All sound enclosures are designed for easy access of any control panels and part loading areas.
  • Hoppers, elevator hoppers,  bulk storage, and conveyors

  • All hoppers and conveyors  are custom built for your parts size and how many parts it needs to hold.
  • Vibratory hoppers are used when loading height isn't an issue.  They normally sit on the same table as the bowl and it's loading height is taller than the bowl height. 
  • All hoppers have a paddle switch or down sensor to determine a bowl running empty,  triggering the action of refilling.
  • All hoppers are stainless steel or powder coated  metal.
  • Elevator hoppers sit on the ground for convenient part loading height and convey parts up and in to the feeder bowl.
  • Conveyor systems run horizontal and move parts from one station to the next.

In-lines, gravity tracks, air veyors, merging tracks, and twist tracks

  • Using electric vibration, pneumatic vibration, air jets, or gravity to shuttle your parts away from the bowl to your machine operation
  • Using sensors to detect that the track is full and automatically turning off the bowl to relieve pressure, prevent forceful jamming, and save electricity.
  • Merge tracks are helpful for inserting spacers in between parts especially in some grinding scenarios.

custom tables and frames


  • We can build any table or frame for your system
  • Stainless steel tables and frames,  powder coated mild steel tables and frames, extruded aluminum tables and frames, tables with blanchard ground steel tops and aluminum tops,  detailed frames for automation equipment.
  • Choose from adjustable steel feet, rubber feet, or castors.